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Invoice Management System with Print Shop Management

Invoice management software with print shop management can be integrated into a single solution.

Invoice management systems were specifically built to help SMB’s create/send estimates and invoices so that they can get paid faster and increase customer satisfaction. Alternatively, prints shop management solutions were specifically built to manage the shop floor. Wouldn’t it be great if an invoice management system, with all of their experience with managing invoices and payment processing, could also develop a print shop management solution?

Well it’s happened. Introducing InfoFlo Pay’s Print Shop Management software solution. It’s the only solution for print shops which integrates an invoice management system with print shop management features. It includes a complete workflow for new orders, design approval, production workflow and invoice management with payment processing. No one else in the market offers this complete workflow but rather bits and pieces of it. We have an incredible opportunity here.


  1. Unique Order WorkflowSales people or customer can create new order. Design files can be attached, printable dockets can be generated and payments can be taken at the end of the order. In addition, a customer can re-order and any previously used credit cards can be selected as payment methods at the end of the order. I believe this order workflow really sets InfoFlo Pay apart from all other solutions.
  2. Work Order: All information is looked at and confirmed before being sent to design. At this point a docket can also printed our for the design and production teams. Additional, deposit payments can also be taken.
  3. Design ApprovalDesigns can be sent to customer through the system for approval with two-way communications included. Custom stages can be created with notifications to suit any print shop.
  4. Production Workflow: Designs are automatically sent to production with the option to send back to the design team at any time. Custom stages can be created with notifications to suite any print shop.
  5. Invoice management: After production is completed, InfoFlo Pay will move the order to invoices and show it as completed. Once completed, the customer can get an email notification with a secure payment link so that they can pay or the sales person can pay on behalf of the customer. Any previously used credit cards can be used making it easy to get paid faster. The system accepts credit cards, checks, ACH and cash.

    Included Integrated Features:
    a. Inventory Management
    b. Payment Processing
    c. Customer Portal
    d. Products/ Catalogue
    e. Permission Control
    f. Customer Relationship Management
    g. White Label including the print shops logo and colors!

Unique Integrations:

    1. QuickBooks OnlineNo other print shop management solution integrates with an accounting solution. InfoFlo Pay will automatically sync all contacts, estimates and invoices to QuickBooks Online.
    2. Mailgun: InfoFlo Pay is integrated with Mailgun, one of the most popular SMTP services out there. With this feature, the system can automatically email the estimate, work order and design to the customer with notifications for when they are sent, viewed and approved by the customer.
    3. Twillio: InfoFlo Pay is integrated with Twillio, the same software used by UBER to send SMS’s. This allows for estimates, work orders and designs to be sent via SMS, ensuring that it is never sent to SPAM.
InfoFlo Pay for salespeople
InfoFlo Pay: Credit Card Processing

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