Invoicing Software vs Invoicing Template

Here’s why invoicing software is better than an invoicing template

With billing software all your data such as client and payment details are saved in the cloud, so you have access to all the information and can write and send invoices from wherever you are. You can write the invoice while still at the client’s or while waiting in line at the supermarket. You can also use InfoFlo Pay from anywhere in your home, your office and even in a coffee shop. InfoFlo Pay can be used on a windows computer and all laptops, a tablet and an android phone as well as with an apple phone.

It’s safer

With all that payment data stored on the cloud, you don’t have to worry about losing your payment records in case your computer breaks down since these are very safely backed up on several servers and the cloud.

It looks professional

Invoices created with invoice management systems are designed professionally. They look stunning and contain clear information, making it easy for the customer to find all the information necessary for the payment at a first glance. A professionally-looking invoice also reinforces your brand’s identity with the customers. And if the customer owns a company and his customers want to pay they will see InfoFlo Pay and think that your company spent a lot of money on payment processing but it is only $30 a month.

It makes payment easier

When you create an invoice with invoice management software, you can add the payment methods directly in the invoice itself, so your client can pay it by clicking on the desired method, such as credit card is the main option but you can also set up the system to accept checks, money wire and bank transfer. In this way, they can pay you in just a few clicks and can do it easily even from a mobile device while on the go. InfoFlo Pay also saves the credit card so that the next time the customer needs to pay, they can select previously used credit cards. As a result, the customer can pay without having to have their credit card on them, just like with Amazon.

Provides overview and insight

It’s difficult and time-consuming to keep tabs on which invoices have already been paid and which are still open or overdue, but invoicing software makes it a lot easier for you by giving you an overview of all your invoices and their status. It also provides insight into where the majority of your income comes from, which clients pay consistently on time and which products or services sell best. We send the invoice with the payment link over SMS and email. The main value add is that email can sometimes go to SPAM but with SMS InfoFlo Pay guarantee’s 100% that the customer will receive the payment link. InfoFlo Pay includes automatic late payment notifications so if the customer doesn’t pay on time, the system will automatically remind them.

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