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Invoice Management Software With Calendar Booking

Wouldn’t it be great if all invoice management software solutions also included calendar booking? Sure some of them might sync with 3rd party calendar solutions such as Calendly, but then you need to worry about the sync working and making sure the invoice management software company that you chose is constantly updating the sync Rest API. This can of course become problematic as you are depending on a 3rd party for your calendar booking and of course for the invoice management software solution of your choice to properly sync.

This is where InfoFo Pay comes into play. I believe it is the only invoice management software solution that includes a complete calendar solution. So what features are included?

  1. Calendar View
  2. Create Appointments
  3. Add Workers
  4. Calendar Settings
  5. Email Notifications
  6. Gmail Sync

First let’s go over the setup:

The first part is to add new products and services and select the calendar booking options. Then administrators can select whether the product is paid or free. So for example, a service such as “InfoFo Pay Demo” can be set as a calendar booking service that is free. But a service such as “InfoFlo Pay Training” can be setup with a per hour cost associated to it.

InfoFlo Pay then allows administrators to add their open and closing hours. Once that’s setup, administrators can add all employees and set the hours for each employee. More than that, you can setup the per hour cost for each employee. Finally, administrators can setup how long each appointment will take as well as buffer time in between each appointment.

Once the calendar is setup, the company simply needs to place a link for booking a demo on their web site.

Now Let’s go over the features:

A calendar view feature allows web visitors and also users to view open time slots. A user can create a new appointment from the calendar view by simply double-clicking on an open time slot.

A customer on the other hand, right from the companies web site simply needs to click on the appointment link. They can then select which service they would like to book an appointment for and the InfoFlo Pay invoice management software will show all employees that match that service. Then the customer selects the employee name and all open time slots are automaticaly shown. The customer select the time slots and if this is a free service then they just need to click the “Submit” button, if it is a paid service then they first need to pay for the service and then click “Submit”

Once created, InfoFlo Pay will send out an email to the invited recipient confirming and to the employee that the appointment is linked to in addition to adding the appointment to the calendar view. Finally, the appointment can be synced to the employees GMAIL if they have one.

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