Covid Free Invoice Management Software

Which Invoice Management Software is Covid-Free?

Which invoice management software is covid-free? Well that’s simple, if the software is a cloud solution, then you can access it from anywhere in the world, whether it’s at your office of your home, or anywhere else.

But there’s more’s to it than that. Now that you understand that a cloud invoice management software is cloud free, which one should you choose? Well to get the most success you should pick one that is fully integrated so that it let’s you perform all invoice business activities. With this in mind, you are really limited in your options as most solutions only let you create a new invoice and send it out.

InfoFlo Pay is the only online invoice management solution for the smb that includes payment process, a customer portal, digital forms and SMS integration. What does this mean? Well it means that you can generate a new invoice and send it to your customer’s email as well as mobile phone to ensure that they received it. All the customer needs to do is click on the link and they are automatically logged into the portal, whether on their phone, tablet or PC and they can pay for their invoice. More over, if they’ve already paid with their credit card, they can select it from a list and pay.

Imagine that, a software that guarantees that your customer will not only receive their invoice, but actually pay it. If they don’t pay it on time, then the system will send out automatic late payment notifications.

Now that your customer has paid their invoice, InfoFlo Pay includes a dashboard that will let you manage all invoices and customers. To make things even easier, it syncs with QuickBooks Online so that you can also now manage all of your accounting in the cloud.

Moreover, what if your invoice management solution includes payment processing but not subscription and installment payments? If you don’t require this for your business then it is not critical, but if you offer monthly services or get paid in installments, then these features are also critical. InfoFlo Pay includes both subscription and installment payments.

For a subscription, you only need to take the customer credit card one time and the InfoFo Pay invoice management system will automatically charge the customer credit card once a month or whatever interval you select. All invoices related to the subscription can be viewed within InfoFlo Pay and the customer can view all of their invoices in the customer portal.

For an installment payments, you simply setup in the system the total amount required and then input a deposit and interval amount. So lets say a customer owes you $5000. You can setup a deposit of $500 and then monthly installments (or any desired interval) and InfoFlo Pay will automatically charge the customers credit card. As with anything else in the system, all invoices can be viewed in the customer portal.

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