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online invoice management software with payment processing

Why are there invoice management software solutions that don’t offer credit card payment processing. How can you as a business owner pick a system, even if it best suits your needs that won’t process credit cards? This major feature is directly linked to the life line of your business and I highly recommend that you not use an invoice management system that doesn’t offer this feature.

InfoFlo Pay is an online invoice management solution for the smb that not only includes payment processing, but also a customer portal and payment profile. What does this mean? Well it means that a customer can pay for their own invoices from the InfoFlo Pay customer portal. As well, if they have already paid for an invoice, they can select previously used credit cards from a drop down list and select them so that they can pay for invoices without even requiring a credit card on them.

Moreover, what if your invoice management solution includes payment processing but not subscription and installment payments? If you don’t require this for your business then it is not critical, but if you offer monthly services or get paid in installments, then these features are also critical. InfoFlo Pay includes both subscription and installment payments.

For a subscription, you only need to take the customer credit card one time and the InfoFo Pay invoice management system will automatically charge the customer credit card once a month or whatever interval you select. All invoices related to the subscription can be viewed within InfoFlo Pay and the customer can view all of their invoices in the customer portal.

For an installment payments, you simply setup in the system the total amount required and then input a deposit and interval amount. So lets say a customer owes you $5000. You can setup a deposit of $500 and then monthly installments (or any desired interval) and InfoFlo Pay will automatically charge the customers credit card. As with anything else in the system, all invoices can be viewed in the customer portal.

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