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Invoice Management System With Scheduled Payments

Invoice management system solutions usually offer the same typical features. These include creating estimates and invoices with payment processing. But most of these solutions don’t offer a critical feature of allowing for scheduled payments. In this article we’ll explore how scheduled payments should work as well as different examples of how scheduled payments can help you get paid faster.

How it should work:
Invoice management systems should include a feature where they save the payment profile of the customer’s credit card. This means that the next time the customer wants to pay or the sales person wants to charge their card, all they need to do is select a previous used credit card where only the last 4 digits are shown, similar to how amazon works.

Secondly, the software should allow for partial payments to be made if deposits first need to be taken. The second partial payment could then be a scheduled payment.

Example 1: Print Shop

Print shops work extremely hard in delivering a final product to a customer on time. Usually they take a down payment after the estimate is accepted by the customer. So after collecting the down payment and deliverying their order on time, they now either need to wait for the customer to pay or chase down the customer to pay. Rather, if their invoice management system could automatically trigger a scheduled payment when production is complete, using a previously used credit card, then the shop is automatically paid while keeping the customer happy!

Example 2: Engineering Firms

Engineering firms typically work on schedule project completion dates. And just like Print Shops, once the project is completed, they need to wait for the customer to pay or chase them down. A system that would automatically charge the customer’s credit once the completion date has been reached, would help them get paid on time while again keeping the customer happy!

Importance Of A Customer Portal:

So the two examples above are only two of many different type of industries where scheduled payments are essential in getting paid. The next important feature is to also have a customer portal where the customer can log in and see all estimates/orders that they have accepted, paid invoices and statements (to show beginning and ending balance). By combining the scheduled payments with the customer portal you are sure to also increase customer retention as the customer isn’t calling you anymore asking for the invoice which you emailed them but now they can’t find it. Rather, they can login, view this information and extract to PDF.

InfoFlo Includes Scheduled Payments and A Customer Portal:

This is why InfoFlo Pay truly is one of the few invoice management systems that will truly help you get paid faster while increasing customer retention as it includes all the payment features listed above in addition to a customer portal! To top it all off, the InfoFlo Pay system is fully white label friendly so organizations can add their logo and change the colors of the system. As a result, not only will you get paid faster, but your customer will think that you spent tens of thousands in developing a custom solution just for them!

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