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Invoice Management System With Digital Forms

Today’s small medium businesses are truly digital. Those that have an invoice management system typically use it to get paid faster and manage their invoices. However, any PDF or Word Document that they need to email to their customer has to be done by a 3rd party software. This is because there isn’t an invoice management software that offers digital forms. For this exact reason, InfoFlo Pay is the only solution that offers digital forms so that all digital documents and paper can be sent and managed through the system.

So what features should be included in an invoice management system that also includes Digital Forms?

Form Builder:
This is obviously essential because without such a feature, digital forms couldn’t be created. But more than that, it should be easy to use with drag and drop capabilities and allow for such fields as Text, Paragraph, Radio Buttons, Drop Downs and more. Also, it should be easy to format where the fields go and the colors. Finally, it should include conditional fields so that only certain fields based on an input are shown.

Form Input With Embed:
Just as with estimates and invoices, users should be able to email the form to the customer for them to fill out. As well, there should also be an option to embed the form within the user’s site.

Digital Signature:
The form should include this essential feature as without it, most SMB’s won’t be able to use it. The signature should be a simple field included in the form builder so that it can be easily added.

Auto-Population of Fields:
This is somewhat of an advanced option, but again, very useful. Essentially this feature will allow users to auto-populate the form fields already known to them about the contact, such as their first and last names, so that when it reaches the customer, they can quickly fill out the form without having to fill out these types of fields.

Required Fields:
The digital forms solutions should allow users to select which fields are required or not. This will ensure that all required fields are filled out by the customer.

Convert To PDF:
This feature will allow the customer to convert to PDF and view the form that they filled out. This should also include more advanced features such as header and footer options so that company logos and colors can be included.

Customer Portal:
This last feature connects everything together. It allows the customer to login and view all forms that they have filled out or still need to fill out. At any time they can convert to PDF and print out the form.

Mobile Friendly:
This isn’t really a feature, it should be considered a default setting. Any digital forms solutions should be mobile friendly so that forms can be filled out and signed over a PC, Tablet or smartphone.

InfoFlo Pay includes all of the above digital forms features.

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