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Why Is Invoice Management Software Important

Invoice management software is the life line of any business. Without it, a business can’t manage their accounts receivables, accounts paypable and expenses.

There are different time of invoice management solutions available on the market. Before selecting one you first need to decide if want an On Premise (locally installed, not online) or a SaaS (cloud) solution. Both have their advantage and disadvantages, but at the end of this article you will see with SaaS is the better choice.

So what are the benefits of an On Premise invoice management solution? Well, the main benefit is that you own your data and are in control of it. No one can ever take it away from you. Also, typically On Premise solutions are an upfront cost with minimal recurring costs. However, the main disadvantage is that you are forced to install it on PC and have no remote access.

So what are the benefits of a SaaS invoice management software? Essentially there is one core advantage to a SaaS solution which is that it is accessible from anywhere on any device effectively making it an online invoice management solution. This means that you can can access it from any device, at any time. With that said, it does come with it’s disadvantages, which is that you don’t really own your data, your dependant on someone else to host the server for you and that you need to pay recurring fees.

Conclusion: SaaS solution is the wave of the future as 99.9% of businesses these days require mobile/tablet/remote access so that you can access your information from anywhere. For this reason, you should but a SaaS online invoice management solution. Keep in mind that any solution you purchase, lets your export your information to CSV/Excel and that it is mobile friendly. InfoFlo Pay is such a solution in that it lets you export everything, contacts, estimates, invoices, expenses and more at any time. Moreover, it specifically designed to fit on PC screens, smartphones (Android & Apple) as well as tablets (Android & Apple).

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