Why InfoFlo Pay

A Complete Invoice Management & Payment Solution Made Simple


Generate highly customisable invoices with a direct link for payment, and estimates with an option to convert and accept.


Send invoices and estimates with confidence with built in mailgun integration. No more worrying if an email was delivered.


No more excuses with  InfoFlo Pay’s built in payment processing, collecting has never been easier.

Book a free 30 minute demo and get 7 days with a 100% money back guarantee.

What Separates InfoFlo Pay From Competitors?

Customer Portal

InfoFlo Pay includes a customer portal. Customers access to their estimates, invoices and statements They can accept estimates and pay for invoices with a simple click. Sign Up For a 14 Day Free Trial


InfoFlo Pay starts at only $15/month/user. Unlike our competitors, we do not limit how many estimates and invoices you can send out. As well, we do not limit the size of your customer portal, so as your customer base grows with InfoFlo Pay, you will not be required to pay us more!   Sign Up For a 14 Day Free Trial

Unlimited Invoicing

InfoFlo’s invoice email is highly customizable and will include a direct link to a payment portal. You can customise the email message sent with invoices to add your customised text and your logo. Emails are sent via the InfoFlo Pay email server, using mailgun integration. This simplifies some of the issues that people often run into with QuickBooks and how it integrates with their own email systems.  You have full control over customising the layout of your invoices.  Sign Up For a 14 Day Free Trial

Online Forms with E-Signature:

InfoFlo Pay includes a complete front-end form builder that can be used for web-to-lead and digital forms with optional digital signatures. Stop wasting time with paper and go digital. All digital forms can be accessed through their client portal.  Sign Up For a 14 Day Free Trial

Payment Processing Options:

InfoFlo Pay supports one-time, automatic recurring, installments and deposit payments. The customer can pay with credit card or any manual payment method including check, cash, money transfer and more. If a credit card is used, InfoFlo Pay can securely save the credit card profile of the customers. Customers can view their payment history in the online portal and not just make payments to their current invoice. Sign Up For a 14 Day Free Trial

QuickBooks Sync

Nothing is more frustrating than accounting software that won’t work with QuickBooks when needed. With InfoFlo Pay’s integration, you can have unlimited client portals. Customers can view their payment history in an online portal, not just make a payment to the current invoice. When a customer makes a payment in the payment portal, the invoice is marked as “paid” in QuickBooks. A difference from QuickBooks Payments, which only marks invoices as “paid” when the payment clears the bank, which can take several days. Reminder emails can be created to be automatically sent for payments almost due and overdue.  Sign Up For a 14 Day Free Trial

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

InfoFlo Pay gives users single-click access to customer information including all invoices, statements and forms linked to each customer, anytime anywhere. Backed by InfoFlo stand-alone CRM, nobody knows the ins and outs like we do.   Sign Up For a 14 Day Free Trial

See why over 10 thousand subscribers love InfoFlo Pay

With Every Plan You Get:

  • Unlimited Estimates and Invoices
  • Unlimited Clients in Client Portal
  • Client Management
  • Customer Statements
  • Manage Expenses
  • Free PDF Setup
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Multi-Currency
  • SSL Encryption
Book a free 30 minute demo and get 7 days with a 100% money back guarantee.