Sync Contacts Between InfoFlo Pay and Mailchimp

Sync InfoFlo Pay Contacts to Mailchimp

With InfoFlo Pay, you can sync contacts directly to MailChimp and also add them to a newsletter.

Sync any Digital Form to Mailchimp

Sync any InfoFlo Pay digital form to a Mailchimp newsletter. What does this mean? You can create contact us forms for your web site, request a quote forms, contracts, inquiry forms and more. When the form is filled out, the contact will be automatically added to the Mailchimp newsletter of your desire.

Sync any feature to a Mailchimp newsletter

Sync directly from any InfoFlo Pay feature, whether it’s an estimate, invoice, project, calendar appointment and more, directly to your desired MailChimp newsletter. For example, you can setup a workflow every time a potential customer accepts an estimate, that they will be synced to a MailChimp newsletter.

Sync to Mailchimp Once A Payment Is Processed

Sync an InfoFlo Pay contact once a payment is processed in InfoFlo Pay to your desired Mailchimp newsletter.

With Every Plan You Get:

  • Unlimited Estimates and Invoices
  • Unlimited Clients in Client Portal
  • Client Management
  • Customer Statements
  • Manage Expenses
  • Free PDF Setup
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Multi-Currency
  • SSL Encryption
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