Online Donor Management Software

Track Donors and Contacts

Manage and cultivate closer relationships with your donors in InfoFlo Pay’s easy-to-use online software.

Dynamic Lists

Powerful donor list building tools to create lists for fundraising appeals, events and analysis.

Record Gifts and Pledges

Manage and analyze your fundraising by tracking your donations and pledges by funds, campaigns and appeals.

What Separates InfoFlo Pay From Competitors?

Donor Database & Contact Management

We designed InfoFlo Pay Donor Management to help make entry and access of records quick and easy, on any device and from any location. You can build and maintain fuller donor and contact profiles and improve your communication with your supporters, which means better support for your cause. InfoFlo Pay helps you gain a deeper understanding of your donor base, so you can make sure your supporters feel like an important part of your cause.
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Streamline Your Donations

InfoFlo Pay allows users to create new donations with just a few clicks and then automatically send the donation receipts. Automatic notifications are sent when customers are viewing donation receipts and when donations are made. This streamlined approach will save you time!
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Payment Processing

InfoFlo Pay supports one-time, automatic recurring. Users from your organization or your donors (using the Donor Portal) can pay with credit card and InfoFlo Pay will automatically save the last 4 digits of the credit as a payment profile for future donations ensuring you get paid faster the next time. Manual payment including check, cash, money transfer and more can also be processed. All members and donations can be automatically synced to QuickBooks Online.
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Web Forms & Online Donations

In today’s high tech world, we know your nonprofit needs to connect with donors and supporters online in an effective and efficient way. A key component to your fundraising is giving your constituents an easy way to support your cause. InfoFlo Pay’s custom web forms, you can create your own online donation page or contact form and upload it seamlessly to your website. And since these forms integrate directly with your InfoFlo Pay’s database, there is no double entry.
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Membership Management

If you are a membership-based organization, Info Pay can help you maintain up-to-date membership information and generate accurate, efficient member communication. Sign up contacts to memberships, accept and record payment of memberships. Track all transactions and acknowledgements of payments, generate expiration, renewal, and payment reminders, create lists, letters, emails, and more for renewals or other communications.
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Online Donor Portal

InfoFlo Pay includes a member portal and automatically adds your members to the portal by email. The email includes a live link to their donation receipts in PDF format. With one click members can view their donation receipts. Also, from the portal, donors can use InfoFlo Pay’s Donate Now button and pay for any outstanding donations, view payment history, view statement balances and fill out forms. This unique Donor Portal workflow will help you get faster donations and save you countless hours of having to deal with customers asking for this information! Get paid faster today with InfoFlo Pay!
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Events are a common way to raise funds and exposure for your organization. InfoFlo Pay is designed with multiple tools to organize your lists, activities, sponsorships, attendance, payments, expenses and more—so you can control all the moving parts of an event.
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Volunteers are the driving force of nonprofits, generously giving of their talent, expertise, and precious time to further the goals of an organization and a cause they believe in. InfoFlo Pay helps you capture information about the skills, knowledge, and availability of your current and potential volunteers and track their hours and activities—so you can maximize their impact and acknowledge the important contributions they make to your organization.
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Online forms with E-Signature

InfoFlo Pay offers a complete front-end form builder that can be used for web to lead forms and more. Unique forms features include custom notifications, ability to auto-populate members information into forms, sending of forms, setting required and conditional fields in forms, capturing digital signatures, forms approvals workflow and automatic conversion of the form to PDF. Stop wasting time with paper and go digital.
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InfoFlo Pay starts at only $7/month/user. We do not limit the size of your donor portal, so as your donor base grows with InfoFlo Pay, you will not be required to pay us more!   Sign Up For a 60 Day Free Trial

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