InfoFlo Pay: Tutorials Videos for Estimates, Invoices, Forms, Customer Portal and More

Getting Started with InfoFlo Pay

  • Logging into your system
  • Adding your company logo
  • Setting up your default email address
  • Setting up SMS integration with Twillio
  • Setting up your payment processor
  • Customizing you estimate and invoice PDF’s
  • Registering/editing users
  • Project and Time Log setup
  • Password Reset
  • Page Permissions
  • MailChimp Integration


Estimates: Create, Send and Convert

  • Create a new estimate
  • Adding a contact to the estimate
  • Adding products and services to the estimate
  • Sending the estimate with notifications
  • Converting estimates to invoices
  • Customer Portal: Customer converts estimate and pays invoice
  • Notifications when customer is viewing and has accepted estimate
  • Extract estimate to PDF

Invoices: Create, Send and Get Paid

  • Create a new invoices
  • Adding a contact to the invoice
  • Adding products and services to the invoice
  • Sending the invoice with automated notifications
  • Customer Portal: Customer pays invoice
  • Credit Card: Payment profile is saved
  • Notifications when customer is viewing and has paid invoice
  • Extract invoice to PDF

Invoices: Setup Email and SMS

  • Setup email content that is emailed to customer with active invoice link
  • Setup customer login details to customer portal
  • Setup SMS message that is sent out to customer with active invoice link
  • Send a custom personalized email with invoice active link to specific customer

Digital Forms: Auto-Populate Forms and Send To Your Customers

  • How to setup the fields to auto-populate
  • How to auto-populate
  • How to enable required fields for customer
  • How to send the form to the customer with an active link
  • How the customer can view the form in their customer portal

Digital Forms: Setup Confirmation Messages Upon Submission

  • How to setup a confirmation message upon submission of a form
  • How to add merge fields to a confirmation message
  • How to forward to a URL upon submission of a form
  • How to setup multiple confirmation messages and route them

Digital Forms: Create Reports

  • How to select what fields show up in the report
  • How to view a report with all form entries
  • How to search a report
  • How to extract an entry to PDF from the report
  • How to edit the entry

Projects & Time Logs: Create and Send

  • Create a new project
  • Add team members to your project
  • Add time logs with either user or task pricing with option to edit the price
  • View all time logs related to a project
  • Convert a project to an invoice and send

Contact Management: Import Contacts

  • How to import contacts from a csv
  • How to map fields
  • How to confirm what was imported

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  • SSL Encryption
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