FreshBooks Alternative: InfoFlo Pay


Generate highly customisable invoices with a direct link for payment, and estimates with an option to convert and accept.


Send invoices and estimates with confidence with built in mailgun integration. No more worrying if an email was delivered.


No more excuses with  InfoFlo Pay’s built in payment processing, collecting has never been easier.

What makes InfoFlo Pay a FreshBooks Alternative?

Affordable Pricing With Free Customer Portal

First and foremost, let’s start with price. We’re only choosing price because obviously this is what small medium businesses look at before even selecting their choice. So InfoFlo Pay costs $15/user/month and that includes a free customer portal. The only other competitor that includes a customer portal is FreshBooks, but rather than charge per use, they charge based on the number of customers on your portal. So if you are using FreshBooks, and you have more than 50 customers, then InfoFlo Pay has already become much more affordable. 

Not only that, what FreshBooks is essentially doing is taking advantage of the small business owner while at the same time diminishing the value of the customer portal. Essentially what they are saying is that they understand the value of the customer portal, so they are going to offer it to you. However, once you have over 50 customers, if you want your current customers to have access to this very essential tool, then you will need to upgrade. In my opinion, this is a slap in the fast to small businesses and no invoice management software should sell a solution with such a pricing model. Rather, InfoFlo Pay costs $15/user/month and includes an unlimited number of customers in it’s customer portal.

SMS Integration

Another important differentiator is that InfoFlo Pay includes Twilio integration for sending estimates and invoices by SMS. Nowadays, SMS have become a critical form of communication and has a ridiculously high open rate when compared to email. But that’s not even the main reason why SMS are so critical. The main reason is because both InfoFlo Pay and Freshbooks will email out your estimates and invoices, but no invoice management software, let alone any company, can guarantee that the email won’t show up in the customers SPAM box.

Well, actually, InfoFlo Pay can, as it includes both email and SMS options for estimates, invoices. Moreover, InfoFlo Pay also includes estimate and invoice notifications by email and SMS, so that estimates can be accepted via SMS and late invoices can be paid via SMS. This is only a small reason why InfoFlo Pay will help you get paid faster and specifically in this case, faster than FreshBooks.

FreshBooks Alternatives Conclustion:

With all of that, both InfoFlo Pay and Fresbhooks offer estimates, invoices, projects, time logs, statements, customer portal and other critical features. This article has focused on how InfoFlo Pay is a more affordable invoice management software solution and how the SMS feature only included in InfoFlo Pay is critical in helping small medium businesses get paid faster.

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